Life.Action.Roleplay – Pod Cast

19420434_140692616486001_8840846243873422080_nRecently I had the privilege of being interviewed on the Life.Action.Roleplay podcast. We discussed things from engaging players in the story to how to keep a story on track, along with a bunch of other LARP and Storytelling related topic.

Give it a listen if your curious and follow the podcast, they have some pretty awesome episodes and guests.

Gritty Healing for Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Below you’ll find a set of alternate rules for healing in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. These rules are intended to replace the existing rules for healing, healing spells, and other health abilities. Their purpose is to make damage feel more gritty and dangerous, along with making mundane healing skills more useful.

My gaming group and I were not satisfied with how damage did not feel real when there was a healer just a moment away. It softened the risk of an encounter and at the same time, made it feel less heroic.  Additionally, with the way magical healing worked, the non-magical healing skills seemed almost worthless and thus made character concepts build around them seem invalid and less fulfilling to play.

This alternative to the magical healing system puts gritty danger back into combat. It makes being wounded, well, hurt. Adding back in a missing element to an encounter and making the mundane healing skills important again. Using both magical and mundane healing in tandem becomes important, making healers of both types valuable to the party.

That’s enough of my ramblings, onto the rules. Continue reading “Gritty Healing for Dungeons and Dragons 5e”