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5 Habits Every LARPER Should Have

5 Habits Every Larper Should Have. By CWFOX.COM


What Habits do you think are important for LARP? Let me know in the comments

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10 thoughts on “5 Habits Every LARPER Should Have”

  1. Loving the infograph style of this post! My two most recent characters have had in-character reasons why they wouldn’t take notes and it kills me. Aside that, I subscribe to each of these habits hard! Particularly involving others! If I get important information I tell at least 3 people about it (and at least one of those people must be someone I don’t know terribly well) spreading information gets people buzzing! The fastest way for me to turn off at game is if I have to ask “what’s going on” when it’s clear something big is going on and only a select others are in the know.

    1. Thank you! Not taking notes is hard. A trick in that case is to team up with someone else have them take notes for you. The rule of 3 (sharing information with others) is alos a good stragety and it covers bringing others into your plot. By acting as an information bridge you make everyone elses game better.

  2. I have a pretty hard time making goals for my characters, largely because I worry about what staff will think of me and of those goals. It’s gotten easier recently, and I’m taking small steps into it.

    1. Staff love goals. They give us something to aim for and an idea of the stuff you’d like to see. Always make goals and let us know what they are.

  3. Excellent advice, especially involving others. It’s very easy to get caught up in your own ideas and forget to communicate. Communication often makes the game better for everyone.

  4. I make it a habit to try to introduce myself to at least three new characters I haven’t met or intracted with yet each time I go to a LARP. Not only does it create a friendly environment but helps involve people in more things.

    Also I need to form better habits for taking notes. Thoughts or recommendations?

    1. Introducing yourself to new players is a great way to encourage them to take part.

      Note taking. I find it is best to sit down after a big event and just write down briefly what happened.

      During key lore moments. Take bullet point lists of the key details.

      Quick short lists are usually a good way to jog memory.

  5. Regarding goals, I have found I like having 5 goals. 2 things I want to accomplish during the next game, something that I expect will take me 3-5 games to accomplish and finally something I want to accomplish by character retirement. Now, I fully expect those to shift and change over time, but they give me something to fall back on whenever I’m in a “dunno what to do” moment, I can review those goals and use those slow moments to try and advance my goals.

    For one campaign my 2 goals for next game is rig a minor election and form a coalition between 3 PC factions. My 3-5 game goal is to establish a officially recognised research collage. My retirement goal is to research a grand unified theory of magic.

  6. I gotta remember to take notes! Something I do in D&D, but need to translate over!

    I’ve also been trying to do the inclusion because it’s more fun to have friends on some super cool personal plot, but how do you keep people interested in Plot that is geared towards your own character by chance? Any tips?

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