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5 Tips To Stay In Character During Game

5 tips to stay in character during a game

Staying in character at a game (LARP or otherwise) can be difficult. There are many distractions that can pull you out of the headspace of your character.  However, with a few tricks and some diligence, you’ll find it much easier to stay in character.  If you can maintain your character and immersion, those around you will have an easier time staying in character as well, thus limiting the chances of breaking character from everyone involved.

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9 thoughts on “5 Tips To Stay In Character During Game”

  1. Limiting OOG talk is crucial to immersion! I need to find polite ways to redirect conversations so I can stay in character for as much of my game as possible.

    1. That is the trick and it is something many people overlook. even a quick OOG conversation or comment can pull other players out of character. It can take a while to get back into the character headspace. So its best to try to keep things IC if at all possible

  2. Also, try not to build one dimensional characters. It’s fine to play a fighter who loves fighting… but if thay’s the entirety of the thought process you had in making tour character, you’ll find it hard to roleplay outside of conflict. Even worse if you were to receive a spell to make you peacefull.

    However, a fighter who loves fighting, likes practicing dance moves, and who passes time between training sessions by playing chess and learning all he can about dragons and their natural procreation habits, hasnmich more depth and is so much more playable outside of combat.

  3. I’ve found that finding interests with / learning about other character’s stories and motivations also helps me stay in character. It gives me stuff to react to, and makes the world feel a lot larger than just me and my motivations/mannerisms.

    1. That is an excellent way to do it. So often we get wrapped up in our own stories, we forget that there are others. FInding richness in other players is an excellent way to stay in character and build bonds.

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